5 Trending Materials in Interior Design!

Dec 12, 2021

If you are looking for inspirations to design your home interiors or renovating, you are at the right place. Interior designs are personalized and change according to mood, style and choice of people. But ever wondered what materials always manage to stay on the top of the list?

We have the 5 evergreen materials that are trending and you can always opt for, whenever planning to design your house!


Walking into a modern/ contemporary house where marble isn’t present is almost next to impossible! The greatest reason why marble is preferred is because it is classy and ever green. It has been in the industry for centuries. It is the right choice if you are looking to add contemporary or modern style in your interiors. It offers gleam and can be used for flooring, kitchen countertops. Offering a very contemporary and chic look, it also manages to provide us with luxury.

Luxurious Marble Flooring! 


Wood interiors are one of the most liked options for interior design fans! People often tend to use wooden textures for their dream homes and why now! It provides the best aesthetics and can be used in all type of projects. From homes to offices, magnificent wood can lighten up the entire mood of your house! Be it practical of fun, or even contemporary projects, wood has the ability to rock it all. It can be used for flooring, paneling, ceilings, stairs, doors, windows, furniture, decorations and even for separating walls.

Decorate with wood - Panels, floors & cabinets! 


A material with a prolonged history of usage at various art works, tools, and even homes, terrazzo should be your next choice! You must be wondering what is it? It is a mixture of ground minerals and stone combined with cement base. If you have a creative brain, I am sure flooring isn’t the only option where you will be using it. It is versatile and can be used in a variety of forms including decoration, kitchen countertops, furniture and tables. It is definitely a sustainable solution and provides a responsible and healthier choice!

Terrazzo furniture!

Fabrics & Fur

Providing your interiors with a touch of fabric & furry items can bring a different kind of charm! It provides a sense of comfort, luxury and sensuality. The best thing about furs & fabrics  is that you can use it with various styles of interiors including rustic, classic, contemporary and even minimalistic styles. The refined look it provides, contributes to the cozy atmosphere providing warmth and comfort. You can use it for pillows, rugs, couches, chairs and even for accentuating your powder rooms!

Fabrics for furnishing!

Rawcut Stones

Statement stones can be very intimidating for a lot of people, but it can be very hard to say at times. Once you are very acquainted with its guidelines, it is the easiest to work with! It has proven to add glory, luxury, and life to your interiors. If you are someone looking to add a pinch of style to your interiors, stones can be your thing. It can be used at multiple places including finish on counters, floors, and walls, etc.

While you have a lot of options when it comes to interiors, you can always rearrange or renovate your space at regular intervals to create an ultimate masterpiece. However, the kind of interiors you choose will represent your personality in a unique way! Good design doesn't date!


Sriya Singh

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