Arkihive - Designers’ single source library for finding construction materials

Jan 18, 2021

In the beginning, what was the determination and theory behind Arkihive?

A platform is driven for Architectural studio; the thought though was simple. Architectural projects run through a phase when all resources are bestowed on material hunting/sourcing. Evolving from concept stage design, the beginning of project realization with contractors or project managers involves numerous conversations for sample materials envisioned exactly in the design. Client satisfaction on concept to reality becomes critical – ‘need to find the right material exactly as the rendered 3D image’. As exciting as material hunting can be, it gets exhaustive to customize, match texture and colors to concept design with available products. And, this is not the designers’ favorite part because material choices lead to compromises and negotiations on final product selection. Occasionally leading to discontented execution due to the poor quality of the product.  What if we had a global platform for designers to find materials and make design choices easier?


What if designers had a platform to explore construction materials in a single page?

The Chase for construction materials

At the Studio Architects and designers meet countless vendors with millions of products building a huge material library and contact card collection. Through the course, it still becomes a hassle to find the right material when the project requirement arises. The need was a digitalized solution for all the catalogues and products that could translate to a work tool to find all material information, vendors to procure, and become a go-to source for all architects.

While we know Architecture, itself is thought out to be a meticulous planning profession, the void between the creative and realization dimension is an uncharted territory involving various tasks, compromises, labor-intense work encompassing the unorganized labor sector. To bridge this creative process, knowledge and realization dimensions professionals from the architectural, and construction industry had to come together to collaborate in an exclusive platform. And thus, Arkihive was founded on one manifestation of a circular environment.

We live in a world with abundant information – million material choices to make, discover inspiring projects and innovative products and brands. Arkihive aims to bring order to the chaos, a resource platform for all your design needs. Arkihive will house all construction materials, architectural products indexed, and catalogued. A digital material directory with detailed specifications and information on product uses directly from the Brand manufacturers. Imagine this to be a Wikipedia for an architectural product, an open-source catalogue at the designer’s disposal.

Bridging the gap between Designer, Brand, Vendors, and Contractors

Arkihive, an intelligent digital product discovery platform enabling sales and collaboration among Architectural and Construction Professionals. We love doing the research to present you with information on the application and best use of construction materials. Headhunt professionals and vendors from the global design community to make your search effortless.

On this platform, you create a professional page to feature projects, share design experiences, explore creative works, browse materials and products from a digital catalogue uploaded by brands with a direct source to send out enquiries and procure them. Here you will find designers, brands, vendors, and contractors, with a network of professionals coming together, we bridge the gap in the construction industry and create transparency in the supply chain.


Brands can broadcast their digitized catalogue on Arkihive for designers to access at all times creating a repository of their product. These products can be tagged with Vendors for sourcing and procurement needs. In turn, Vendors can place orders with brands. Arkihive enables a cloud-based platform for Vendors and Brands to manage and track their orders. Brands can run reward and loyalty programs.


Designers can reach out to Vendors across different regions for product enquiries, creating a business opportunity for Vendors. Arkihive offers a structured platform for responding to enquiries and converting prospect clients. Vendors can manage client’s orders and deliver products, With Arkihive Vendors can place orders with Brands and get recognition for their sales performance.


As creators, Designers and Architects can explore materials on Arkihive posted by Brands. Find Vendors to send enquiries and get multiple quotes to make an informed decision. Designers can create a professional page on the networking Platform Hive to feature project stories, insights, and share their profile.

Arkihive aspires to be an Artificial Intelligent-based procurement and vendor management platform creating a transparent supply chain network. The Soft launch of the product is underway. Stay tuned!

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Intelligent Digital Product Discovery Platform enabling Sales and Collaboration among Architectural and Construction Professionals