Different Types of Decorative Panels - Acrylic, PVC Sheets, Charcoal Panels & 3D Panels

Sep 15, 2022

The decor that is a great contribution of enriching interior decor and functionality is “Decorative Panel” Also, in India, we are acclimating to using and implementing panels for homes giving the modern look. Panels are decorative elements but also present a variety of benefits. There are modern materials such as Acrylic Sheets, PVC Sheets, Charcoal panels, 3D Panels, and many more. All these materials have their own benefits, availability of textures, and patterns. These decorative panels are just not normal but definitely an amazing decor piece for Indian homes.

Let's explore them in detail:

  1. Acrylic Sheets:

Acrylic sheets have numerous applications and are used by architects, designers & decorators, as it is an innovative piece of decor. Great upgrading option, glass-like differentiae, has excellent stability, strength, and also optical clarity. This is flexible to be fabricated and gets bonded with adhesive more easily. The use of acrylic sheets is done for a variety of purposes. A combination of aesthetics and durability is used for high-traffic areas. Enclosed with an assortment of characteristics such as resistance to chemicals, a great insulator, shatter-resistant, weather resistance and great exposure to the sun, and many more. It has the ability to easily replace the glass and one of the other great features is that the sheets are clearer than the glass. Acrylic sheets are available in vibrant textures and colour.

Applications of Acrylic sheet is limitless:

  • Used for both commercial and residential purposes, retail stores, shelves, etc.
  • Furniture: Used for Cabinets, Wall Shelves, Coffee Tables, Bed frames, etc. Use acrylic sheets for shelves, to give it a fancy look but safe at the same time. Being durable, it is a great option for a coffee table.
  • Home Decor: Acrylic sheets are used as decorative panels for various purposes. You can use it for large wall frames and other artworks that too in an affordable range than glass.

2.  PVC Panels:

PVC, Polyvinyl chloride panels made from synthetic polymer of plastic. These sheets are made of compressing paper and plastic resins in layers, under high pressure and temperature. Another name that I can suggest for PVC panels is flexible. It has the ability to shape in a variety of forms, and complex shapes. PVC sheet is another decorative piece that can be used in combination with different materials and used as a decorative layer. It is durable, waterproof, has high customization ability, and is soft in nature.

So, now time to reveal an amazing feature, PVC can literally resemble wooden, leather, making it usable for various decorative pieces.

What is the application of PVC panels?

PVC panels give the aesthetic and are durable at the same time.

  • Used for Home decor and furniture
  • Used for cabinets, units, wardrobes, and doors
  • Outer layer for various things
  • An ideal choice for decorating your ceiling
  • PVC wooden print tiles and easy for floor installation

PVC for Wall and Ceiling:

PVC is great cladding material as available in numerous varieties giving the decorative look. PVC is water-resistant, so it can be easily used in the bathrooms. You can make them available in customized sizes for small or big walls. Easy to use in the ceiling, lightweight, and lightweight. You will need very less maintenance once they are installed in the ceiling. Also, PVC panels are very affordable to use but give the aesthetic look.

3. Charcoal Panels:

Charcoal panels are a mixture of Charcoal and Polystyrene. These panels are great to upscale the projects and are used for both interior and exterior purposes. Charcoal integrates strength in the panel and Styrofoam makes it warping resistant. Charcoal panels are functional, visually pleasing, and a great contribution to boosting decor. Another great feature is that charcoal panels offer a natural feel and keep you safe from the risk of cracking. Available in unique designs and patterns. Charcoal panels are waterproof, fire retardant, and termite-proof. In addition, these panels are easy to paint, are ready to use, and need no sealing. Panels are a great option when you want a decor that will need very less maintenance.

What are the applications of Charcoal Panels?

  • Charcoal panels are used for various interior decor.
  • Adds a great aesthetic to the entrance wall and is easy to use on the ceiling.
  • Used to enhance the decor of furniture, bed back panelling, wardrobe, door, and partition.

4. 3D Panels:

The name itself suggests the meaning of these panels, these are three-dimensional surface patterns on panels. 3D is the point of attraction, and these 3D panels are very much trendy in interior design. As, with the use of modern materials, and new technologies it has become attractive, and available in a diverse range of shapes, designs, and patterns. Just like other panels, these are used to hide the exposed wall surfaces but also possess soundproofing and insulation properties. These panels are easy to use, and need no coating or painting, as you can directly buy them. 3D panels are made from a distinct range of materials. 3D shape panels are customizable, so you can make them available in your required design, colour, patterns, and sizes.  

What are applications of 3D Panels?

The use is not limited to residential but is also used in commercial buildings.

3D wall panels are used for outdoor purposes too. Used on furniture, cabinets, furnish doors, bed heads, and of course for the decoration wall.

In commercial buildings, it can be used for the reception desk, and cabinets and also to create an aesthetic wall that will drive attention.

What are different types of 3D Panels?

3D panels are classified depending on the materials:

  • Gypsum 3D Panels: Gypsum panels are safe and non-toxic to use. These panels also work as noise insulation.
  • Wood 3D panels: 3D panels are made from wood chips giving the natural look.
  • Glass 3D wall panels: Glass 3D wall panels give an excellent aesthetic look but can be a little out of budget.
  • MDF 3D panels: These are medium-density fiberboards, a combination of effective, attractive, and affordability.
  • Plastic 3D panels: These are flexible panels available in different shapes and made from recycled plastic.

Above are very few from a long list of 3D panels, as types depend on the material used, so these panels are flexible to be manufactured in a variety of different materials. Other material options are Stone 3D Panels, Fibre 3D Panels, Bamboo 3D Panels, and Metal 3D panels.


Choose accordingly and give an easy aesthetic look to your home. There is a wide range of decorative wall panels and they can be great artwork. Also, easily available in numerous designs. You can check out the Arkihive website for a variety of decorative panels and also other construction materials. You can also get connected with vendors via Arkihive mobile application.