5 Types of Doors and Windows for your Perfect Home

May 31, 2022

In this blog, we strive to share types of doors and windows material, along with different types that will help you in the selection for your home. Doors and windows came into existence a very long time ago, but in ancient times there were no doors and windows, just open spaces. People used to live carefreely. The entrance was either covered with cloth or grass hay. Nowadays progress has taken its place in the Modern Age. Security, safety, privacy, and also aesthetics have become important.

There are numerous types of materials available for windows and doors. It is essential that windows and doors are made with durable materials.

Types of Windows and Doors depending on the materials:

  1. Aluminium - Aluminium is a type of metal with an extensive number of uses and is light in weight. Windows and doors made with aluminium offer larger areas of glass with a thinner frame that even gives structural strength. Aluminium can be anodized with oxides of different colors that will stay in the long run. It is easy to get customized high-quality aluminium doors and windows. These doors come with glass panels and serve the purpose of a security door and aesthetic too. The aluminium door is now used in modern-looking homes. It can serve the purpose of being exceptionally versatile with an aesthetic impact on the room, exterior, and interior doors. Aluminium doors and windows have the ability to resist difficult environmental conditions, are longer-lasting, and are quite economical.
  2. Solid Wood - Wood is a common type of material that is used for doors and windows. Timber is the oldest material and has never been out of fashion. Wooden windows and doors give an attractive and natural look to the home. Wooden is packed with naturally insulating properties. Many choose wooden materials for their elegance and warm looks. Whereas natural material always possesses unique beauty. For traditional homes and where your preference is about aesthetically pleasing your first choice might be wood windows and doors. Door and windows look aesthetic, even with plane structure and also with combination to glass and all other types of material.
  3. UPVC - UPVC, un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, a form of plastic, is hard and inflexible. It needs a low-maintenance and cost-effective option. UPVC is available in various choices of attractive colors. Almost all the high-quality UPVC products never need painting and just need to be wiped down. This material is rust-resistant, acid-proof, termite-proof, and has many more properties. UPVC is made from recyclable materials making it an eco-friendly material for windows and doors. UPVC can get paired with glazed glass giving an elegant look. UPVC has excellent thermal insulation that offers warmth during the winter and cooler during the summers. With many other benefits, UPVC is a highly durable material and is long-lasting.
  4. Steel - The windows and doors made of steel are mostly glazed. Steel is an iron alloy, the strongest and most common material used in the building industry. Also, ideal for the window and doors. Steel has the ability to create frames with the thinnest and narrowest profiles. It offers the best custom luxury with style and elegance. Steel has topped the line in durability for climate and longevity. Steel can be molded into a thin frame availing the space-efficient openings and useful function. The use of steel windows and doors is done in contemporary, traditional, and also in gothic themes. They serve the purposes of both the building's exterior and the interior.

Types of Windows & their Applications

Windows complement the aesthetics, or sometimes a spacious opening to take in the fresh air. Many windows strategically maximize the daylight and view. The use of windows in certain rooms or buildings varies with their functioning. That may provide more safety, privacy, ventilation, and many more, also the type of building like a commercial, public, residential, or any other.

  1. Sliding Windows - The most well-known and widely used windows are the sliding ones. The shutters are movable in the left and right direction within the frame. Sliding windows include the movement of shutters with the provision of roller bearings. This type of window is provided in almost all types of buildings including residential, commercial, shops, etc. The windows are made up of different materials including Aluminum and UPVC. These windows have a number of tracks like double track sliding windows, or triple track sliding windows. These windows are flexible giving the advantage as they do not need that much space. Shutters are glazed and can be transparent and semi-transparent as per preference.
Sliding Windows

2. Casement Windows - Casement windows include the shutters attached to the frame. This shutter can be opened and closed just like door shutters. Windows includes the panels of shutters that can be single or multiple. The casement window's one side is hinged. These windows are flexible in case to resist outside rain and wind so as to take the pleasant feeling of rain even in a closed window.

Casement Windows

3. Fixed Windows - The Fixed windows are used mostly in the sections where you need to see the view, found in homes with high or vaulted ceilings. Most probably at the places where you do not need moving or opening. There is no closing and opening function in Fixed windows as they are fixed to the wall. Normally, these windows are just to have sufficient light. Fixed windows have the frame and have fully glazed shutters fixed to the window frame. These windows are made up of high quality, as they are completely fixed and needed to stay for the longest period of time. The slash or glass might not be that transparent depending on your suitability to maintain privacy, in short, you can choose your preferred glaze.

Fixed Windows

4. Glass-to-Glass Windows - Glass-to-Glass also known as Glass-corner windows, meeting at an angle of ninety degrees. Glass is already an aesthetically pleasing material, widely used in windows. These windows give a clear view, allow natural light, and good sound insulation. Glass to glass windows mostly do not have mullions but are in continuity with full-length glass. The frame of glass can be made of aluminum, and uPVC. These windows are used in houses, balcony sections, shops, etc.

Glass-to-Glass Windows

5. Tilt and Turn Windows - It allows swinging from the inward side. The windows are also good for very narrow and tall walls. The window opening is half inside, which allows flexible ventilation. So it serves both functions of tilt and turn, with little opening and enabling the air into the home. Whereas the windows have two functions, one is slightly open from the upward side and the other is a direct opening of windows exactly similar to casement windows.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Types of Doors & their Applications

In ancient times, it started with panels of different materials and now we are available with numerous types of doors made in different materials. The house and rooms are incomplete without doors to maintain security, safety, and privacy. The choice is majorly headed by many factors but is bound to be common in different types of doors.

  1. Sliding Doors - The sliding doors are made up of steel, wooden, and glass with 2 or more sliding shutters added with steel rollers. The rollers move along a track both from the top and bottom. Sliding doors are most widely used in offices, shops, the interior of the house in closets, and utility rooms, especially for the congested areas as sliding doors save space.
Sliding Doors

2. Slide and Fold Door - The Sliding and Folding name suggests a combination of both. Also, Slide and Fold Door are named as bifold doors. The door is very flexible to fold and slide. With that, it is a creative way to implement the addition of doors in the house. This door does not take up that much space and also gives the maximum usable space in the room. You can open the door completely or partially depending on your need and privacy. Folding and sliding doors are good in houses, in the kitchen, and in dining.

Slide and Fold Door

3. Lift and Slide Door - Lift and Slide has a mechanism that allows the rollers to move on track when you lift the door handle and when the handle is pulled down, the rollers will come off the track making the door locked. It is the most attractive option for getting ventilation. Lift and slide doors can be a little heavy and easy to fit in the arrangement that can handle the weights. Good for the safety, and thermal efficiency, soundproofing, weatherproofing.

Lift and Slide Door

4. Corner Slider Door - The corner slider doors serve the function of setting up in the corner that is a right-angle slider door. Corner slider doors add definition to corner areas of the home. The corner slider door helps in creating an opening in a corner. Great application for balconies, terrace areas, washrooms, kitchens, and corner offices. These are the most functional, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing doors.

Corner Slider Door

5. Casement Doors - A casement door is hinged on one side and gets opened on the other side. This can be a single sash with a frame or a dual sash. Just like a normal door, the casement doors get opened. These are easy to use and very much accessible in homes.

Casement Door

6. Main or Exterior Doors - The word itself suggests the operation of an exterior door. These doors allow entrance and exit from a house. Exterior doors are a measure of security and weather resistance. Doors are mostly with adequate thickness, durable enough, and stable. Exterior doors are made up of different materials like wood, steel, etc. Also, these doors are designed in consideration of locks. With everything, these doors are also designed to make them aesthetically pleasing.

7. Interior Doors - These doors act as separation, and privacy for the rooms. Interior doors are not that big or thinner like exterior doors, whereas they come in a variety of styles and in different materials. Flush doors are very common in Interior Doors. These doors have a pleasant appearance, made with simple construction. With many advantages including easy maintenance, high strength, durability. Flush doors are made with varieties of laminates; it resembles just natural wood. Doors are attractively beautiful, appealing, and available in numerous ranges. Flush doors are available at a very reasonable price. These are used for bathroom doors, toilet doors, or interior utility doors.

Make a great choice!

We have seen numerous types of doors and windows. The choice to make suitable doors and windows becomes easy when you understand the functioning and operation that you want to maintain according to purpose while considering privacy, safety, and aesthetics. From the above blog, you might have learned about different types. For further information about different windows and doors, and their availability; check out the Arkihive App (download on Play Store & App Store) product section.


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