Engineered Wood Floor vs Laminate Wood Floor

Sep 29, 2022

Flooring, a part of the house enables you to keep walking and working!
Imagine a house without a floor!

No way, there would be stones, sand, and whatnot. Choosing the best floor can be another hassle for many of us. And comparing two floorings is another difficulty that we came across. You may have heard about Engineered flooring and laminate flooring. Might be confused about which is the best one and why? So, let's resolve your doubt in this blog. In this blog, we are comparing both floorings.  

What is an Engineered Wood Floor?

Engineered wood floor is a combination of natural wood and man-made materials.

Engineered wood includes the elements of thin veneer as the top layer. This natural top layer gives a timeless look and durability to engineered wood. After the top layer veneer, engineered wood includes a core board, it is a base layer bonded with the top layer. This core board is generally created from plywood or high-density fiberboard (HDF) layers. The core layer gives strength and stability.

Engineered wood flooring is strong and you can install it in the desired colour, finish, and texture.

What is a Laminate Wood Floor?

Laminate wood flooring is manufactured with particle board wood base coated with replica layers to achieve another material like a surface. Both these layers are bonded with each other. A thin layer made of plastic is added at the top to protect the other layers.

Laminate Wood Flooring has gained popularity due to its ability to be made as a replication of other materials, to achieve the look of wood, and stone floors, and that too in an affordable price range. With modern technology, the manufacturer has been able to make them durable, and look aesthetically pleasing.

Comparison of Engineered wood and Laminate wood flooring?

  • Maintenance

Both floorings need less maintenance. Although it should not get directly in contact with chemicals. Laminate flooring needs very low maintenance as it does not get scratched. Also over a period of time even with continuous use, this flooring will not get discolored.

  • Lifespan

The most vital factor that we consider while choosing the floor is lifespan. While flooring is part of the house that we don’t want to replace again and again as it will be costly and hassle work.

Here, the winner is engineered wood flooring, as the lifespan of Laminate floorings is less as compared to the engineered flooring. While high-quality Engineered wood flooring and laminate wood floors can survive a long time if you tend to maintain them and can go up to years.

Appearance and design options:

Engineered wood flooring has the top layer made up of natural wood, so it surely gives the natural look to your house flooring. Engineered wood flooring is finished and coated making it look unique, smooth, and splinter-free.

In the case of Laminate wood flooring, it can be made to look like actual wood but of course, it will not be that unique, just like real wood when we take a closer look at it. But you can have the option of getting customised flooring. This makes laminate flooring a versatile flooring option.

  • Comfort and functionality

Engineered wood flooring is Hardwood making it feel harder to the foot. Also, this flooring is finished and coated giving it a smooth texture and made splinter-free. Laminate wood flooring includes the foam underlayment and a synthetic core which gives a soft and comfortable but slippery feeling.

Laminate flooring is good for the elderly and children, it enables them to stand longer as it is not as hard as engineered.

Resale value:

Engineered wood flooring is one of long-lasting, great quality, and easy to maintain. So, the flooring also can increase the value of your property. Whereas, whereas laminate flooring is valued a little less than engineered wood flooring.

  • Cost Comparison:

Engineered wood flooring is a long-term investment as expensive as the laminate flooring. As engineered wood includes the use of a unique plank each time. But laminate floors are affordable.

Properties of Laminate Wood Floor:

  • Laminate floors are durable, and can sustain in high traffic areas.
  • The top surface is tough and resilient and scratch- resistant
  • Also, they are UV resistant and can be made waterproof for semi-moist environments.
  • One of the environmental friendly factors of laminate flooring made with recycled materials.

Properties of Engineered Wood Floor:

  • Engineered flooring is also a good choice for high-traffic areas.
  • Wooden flooring can be sanded and repaired.
  • The base core of the engineered floor is high-quality.
  • The plywood layer is laid perpendicular to each other making it solid hardwood.
  • This flooring is good at resisting swelling and expansion.

The disadvantages of  Laminate Wood Floor:

  • In high moist environment if water permits on the laminate floor the core will swell so not making it suitable for bathrooms or basements.
  • Sanding is not possible on the laminate floor also the repair working can be a little difficult, must be replaced if damaged.
  • Laminated flooring should be installed properly if not the chances are that it may create a hollow, empty sound.
  • Of course, laminate flooring is not made from real wood not giving the same unique natural texture or feel compared.

The disadvantages of Engineered Wood Floor:

  • Engineered flooring can scratch and gouge
  • Engineered wood is not that great in high moisture areas, laminate boards can allow moisture to penetrate
  • Real wood-made engineered wood floors possess less ability to get refinished but refinishing might damage the flooring.

Applications of Engineered Wood Floor and Laminate Wood floor:

  • Engineered wood flooring and Laminated wood flooring both are good for Indian homes. But both must not get exposed to excess moisture or wetness.
  • Try not to use both floorings for balconies, patios, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.
  • Highly traffic house flooring are both good choices
  • Engineered wood flooring gives the appealing look and adds elegance and beauty to the area, so it is good to be used in living and bedroom areas.
  • Engineered wood has good stability including, is great to be used in below-grade basements.
  • Engineered wood is moisture resistant, and ideal for humid places.

Above we have seen a lot of similarities and differences between engineered wood flooring and laminate wood flooring.

Both have their own properties and sometimes similar ones and sometimes one is better to be used than the other.

So, these details would definitely help you while choosing the flooring for your home.

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