The Impact & Importance of Paints in Interior Design

Jun 06, 2022

The Indian paint industry has been seeing a progressive change in the inclinations of individuals from the customary whitewash to excellent paints like emulsions and veneer paints, which is giving the essential soundness to the development of the Indian paint industry. Furthermore, it is making a solid cutthroat market, where players are using various techniques to tap the developing interest on the lookout for a bigger offer.

The "India Paint Industry Outlook 2022" report, gives an investigation of the Indian paints industry by worth and volume, is expected to develop at a CAGR of around 12% during 2018-19 to 2021-22 in esteem terms.

Paints structure a strong film when applied to a surface. This film shields the surface from numerous risks like corrosion, weathering, chemical attacks, etc. Varieties in the weather conditions can affect the nature of paintwork, especially the outside surfaces. Warm summers and cold winters, dry days and wet days, high mugginess and low dampness - they all affect painting projects.


The process of selecting paint that looks easy needs to be given enough time and patience. It will not only decide the mood & vibe of the space but it will be a major factor in the aesthetics of the space. To make a selection it is crucial to understand what good paints look or feel like.

Attributes of an Ideal Paint:

• It should be feasible to apply effectively and openly.

• It should become dry in a brief timeframe.

• It should frame a hard and solid coat.

• It ought to have an appealing appearance.

• It ought to be modest and have great spreading power.

• It ought not be destructive to the soundness of laborers.

• It should shape a slight film of uniform nature without breaking.

• It ought not be impacted by changing climatic circumstances.

Types of Paints:

There are different sorts of paints relying on their constituents.

  1. Oil paint - These paints have a white lead as the base and are applied in three coats, in particular, preliminary, undercoat, and complete coat. Oil paints are modest and simple to apply, however their life is unfavourably impacted by the presence of clamminess while applying the groundwork.

2. Polish paint - This paint is ready by utilizing white lead or zinc added with stain, while shades are added to get the ideal tone. This paint gives great protection from acids, alkalies, and water. These paints are utilized for both exterior and interior walls.

3. Emulsion paint - It contains driers  like cobalt and manganese and restricts material like polystyrene and polyvinyl acetic acid derivation. This paint dries rapidly within 15 minutes and hard dries within 2 hours. This paint is sturdy and holds its tone for quite a while. For put dividers, a layer of concrete paint ought to be applied first, trailed by emulsion paint.

4. Concrete paint - Concrete paint is accessible in powder structure and comprises white concrete as a base. The powder is blended in with water prior to applying and ought to be mixed reliably during use.

5. Bituminous paint - It is fabricated by dissolving black-top or vegetable bitumen in oil or oil, which is dark in shading and utilized for painting ironwork submerged. This paint crumbles when presented to the sun.

6. Aluminum paint - This paint comprises finely ground aluminum particles in suspension in oil. It is broadly utilized for painting fuel tanks, oil tanks, radiators, and water pipes.

7. Hostile to Destructive paint - This paint is utilized for safeguarding iron and steel surfaces from erosion. It is dark in shading, modest, and furthermore solid.

8. Plastic paint - This paint, which contains an assortment of plastics as base and water as more slender, is accessible in various sorts of alluring shadings. This paint is generally utilized for painting the dividers and roofs of display areas, assembly rooms, and so on

9. Asbestos paint - This paint comprises sinewy asbestos and is utilized for halting spillages in metal rooftops. It is likewise utilized for painting drains, spouts, and moist sealing of surfaces in cellar dividers.

Safety with Paints

Use Water-based Paint Products with Low VOCs - These paints have low unpredictable natural mixtures (VoC) for securely painting your home or office space. Most top notch inside paint items accessible in the market now-a-days have decreased how much VOCs are utilized. Contrasted with conventional paints, current items discharge less vapor. Low VOC preliminaries and paints are applied the same way as regular items and cost with regards to the equivalent as well. One more benefit of utilizing the low VoC items is that they can be cleaned effectively without the utilization of solid solvents and discarded without any problem.

• Be Safe Around Electrical Outlets - It is essential to ensure practicing painting safety when painting or working near electrical outlets; cover all exposed outlets with the painter’s tape. Many-a-times to safeguard the outlet source, one requirement is to remove the outlet cover, consequently allowing the terminal to stay uncovered. Turning off the power source before the painting process is important.

• Keep Paint Products Safely - A significant number of solvent-based interior paints, thinners, varnishes and paint fumes are harmful to inhale, and they can also be flammable. While they are durable, it is advisable to avoid them in home painting. You ought to continuously make a point to keep the region very much ventilated by opening the windows and entryways. Utilize an exhaust fan to eliminate vapor from your work area. Try to never paint or utilize any sort of solvents/other artwork items close to open fire or heaters or water radiators. Furthermore, if it's not too much trouble, remember never to smoke while painting. A few sorts of shines, veneers and lacquer paints (dissolvable or oil-based) are typically combustible, the water-based acrylic and plastic emulsions are normally not combustible.

• Test for Lead - Another major health risk comes from lead-based painting products. These carry significant risks that have caused multiple cases of lead poisoning in children. Most modern paints, primers, polishes and varnishes are lead free, but checking a product from a not-so-well-known brand for lead is a smart thing to do.

• Tidy Up and Dispose of Paint Properly - Many individuals don't realize that leftover latex and other water-based emulsions need to dry totally before you can toss the extras. Improper disposal can lead to land and water pollution

Tips for Maintaining Interior Paint

1.Clean your wall regularly - To guarantee the splendid and energetic shade of your divider, attempt to safeguard it from stain, residue, and soil. Use a delicate fiber brush and a gentle cleaning agent to clean the wall. It should be done no less than two times every year. Adding a sanitizer arrangement is an astute method for forestalling the development of growth and form in the divider that makes staining quick.

2. Prevent discoloration - Shading has disappeared with time. It even disappears quicker on the off chance that the nature of the paint isn't great. Openness to coordinate daylight additionally harms your inside paint. Thus, the experts encourage utilizing the best quality window covers to install direct daylight as well as limit residue and soil.

3. Ensure proper waterproofing - Absences of appropriate waterproofing in your place abbreviate the existence of paint and harm the development of your structure. Assuming you are dealing with a similar issue, reach out to us so we go to legitimate lengths to waterproof your place prior to beginning to shade your walls.

4. Go for washable paints - Smear and stain in indoor walls are probably going to occur adjacent to the entryway racks Windows and so forth. In kitchens and restrooms, with the most difficult stain it is ideal to use washable paints. Such paints are figured out in a manner to keep your dividers unblemished for quite a long time.

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