Aug 27, 2021

Wooden furniture has consistently been a famous choice for Indian homes. In many cases, you'd be unable to discover great strong wood furniture at an ostensible cost. So a large portion of us select more affordable other options, similar to laminate or veneer, with ornamental completions. These mimic the feel and look of wood. This brings the question — veneer versus laminate, which is better?

Let’s get into details and see which can be a better option for you!

But before everything, what are laminates and veneer?

Laminate is an artificial material that is made by pressing together thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins. Additionally, a decorative pattern or color print makes for the upper layer.

Veneer in technical terms is basically a thin layer of hardwood which is stuck with adhesive, to a surface below.

What do you think is the first preference while choosing a material?  ‘We’ll give you definitive reasons and you can make your choice’

Laminate Vs Veneer! 

Lets do the aesthetics comparison

Laminates are available in a variety of colors and designs. But they are mass produced, so they lack uniqueness in appearance. Whereas, veneers being wood-made, they maintain the elegance and grace of their parent material. Unlike laminates, each veneer is distinctive adding a unique and rich feel to furniture.

While opting for the perfect match of material, one always looks for a lot of varieties. Isn’t it?

Let’s compare on the basis of varieties then!

Veneer: When it comes to veneer, the variants are minimal, but they fulfil all the specific needs. Appropriately, you can classify veneer into composite veneer and natural veneer. Natural veneer refers to thin slices of wood and sometimes bark, that typically are glued onto core panels whereas composite veneer is an engineered wood veneer made from natural fast-growing renewable wood species. Since it is a characteristic material, the Veneer is accessible in a limited number of shades.

Laminate: Available in various tones and shades, these can be extensively grouped into textured, high gloss, soft and matte. Similarly, textured laminates duplicate the vibe of materials like wood or stone. Thus, one can utilize shiny and matte Laminates as indicated by one's very own style.

Laminate Collection

The moment one opts for materials that are reasonable in terms of cost, they would also look for something that requires less maintenance too!

So, which among laminates and veneer require less maintenance?

Laminates are certainly simpler to keep up with. They are scratch-safe and waterproof as well as hold their look for quite a long time whereas in contrast with laminates, veneer requires more maintenance. You should clean veneer surfaces again and again to maintain the look. Another salient difference is that veneer needs polishing whereas laminate doesn't.

There is a saying, ‘cheap things don’t last longer’, which brings the question of durability!

Which among these is more durable?

Laminates are known for their durability and unwavering quality. Since it looks just like wood, and you take advantage of a composite base, it is amazingly strong and opposes scratches and stains whereas veneers are typically not as durable as laminates. They require maintenance and care since they are inclined to scratches.

Now comes the main mode of comparison: cost!

How does Material Selection enhance your interior space? 

Which is more affordable?

High-quality veneers are a lot costlier than laminates. The worth of façade relies upon the sort of wood.

Laminates are normally pocket-accommodating and more reasonable when contrasted with veneer. The cost of laminates usually relies upon the quality and the brand.

We must know where can we use a material before choosing one.

Aesthetic Choices with Laminate & Veneer!

Lets see the applications of veneer and laminates.

Given their durability, laminates are the better decision for kitchen cupboards. Likewise, this material is the most ideal decision for closets and other habitually utilized furnishings.

For furniture that you expect to use as articulation pieces or as central focuses, veneers are best. They add tasteful worth and an unmistakable look contrasted with different materials.

That’s all we have got for in this comparison blog. We hope this helped and made it easier for you to choose one among these.

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