Material Matters — Journey to finding & sourcing architectural materials

Jan 12, 2021

As designers, we begin to visualize space with materials defining the theatrics and complexity of the design. The design process begins with a conceptual collection of ideas inspired by an image, a form, or a product. This idea focused on the client’s choice and relative personal preferences develops to be a mood board.

Every designer puts together a collection of fabric, tile samples, swatches, color palette expressing design ideas and aesthetics of the project. This process allows the designer to explore architectural styles and materials without any limitations.

All architectural and interior design studios have a material library, catalogue wall that is actually a store/meeting/ a pantry which overflows with samples from the previous project, mood boards and sometimes with products that have been discontinued and chaos unrolls whenever material selection for new projects begin and all hell break loose when you need to source the material.

But how often do you go back and forth on material choice from a catalogue because of unavailability or lead time rather than the client’s alteration. You would have made a conscious choice of your material to express, empower the concept and ideology of the design only to find out a certain product has been discontinued, even with constant vendor interaction. For designers, this has always been a hassle to source materials imagined in the design. How do you overcome this gap?

What if we told you we developed a platform, an application, a website to explore construction materials, database from different brands giving each product its identity and characteristics. Arkihive is an intelligent digital product discovery platform enabling sales and collaboration among Architectural and construction professionals. With Arkihive, you could explore, acquire knowledge about the material and find professionals to procure, when you need them. You could build your mood board with complete knowledge of material specification, availability, and lead time.

First look of Arkihive product library.

On Hive, a social networking group designed exclusively for the Architectural and construction industry. You can connect with Brands and vendors to enquire about the product and its cost. You can also connect with contractors to realize the project. You can connect with other creative heads and manufacturers and talk about popular materials trends, materials of the future, sustainable and ground-breaking materials.

Arkihive goes live soon, building a community of designers and dreamers! Find us here Arkihive — Connecting all dots in architecture & construction.



Intelligent Digital Product Discovery Platform enabling Sales and Collaboration among Architectural and Construction Professionals