Onyx: Inside Story of the Glow Stone

Jul 06, 2022

What Is Onyx?

Onyx is a gem of a stone. Over many years it has been used in jewellery making, carvings, and for building emphasis. One of the uncommon materials and its extraordinary appearance, onyx is a famous choice to add a really unique touch to homes and other public spaces

Onyx is majorly made of calcite and is formed in caves generally found in the Middle East, North Africa, and South America. At the point when water trickles from cave rock formations and dissipates, it leaves behind calcium carbonate and different minerals, leaving the stone with impressions, colorful straps, and spots.

Onyx is ideally seen in a wide range of yellow-orange tints because of the presence of iron, however other normal tones are white, brown, green, and purple.

What makes onyx extraordinary and attractive is the manner by which rich and profound the shadings are, as well as their wide varieties of tones.

One unique property of onyx is its clarity, implying that light can be transmitted. The delicate shine through the stone features the shading and patterns and varieties in the stone, adding aspect to the piece.

Onyx is fragile and will quite often require a backing (typically a fiberglass network) for it to be utilized as a ledge or tile. It is inclined to scratching and chipping with wear and tear, this makes it a poor choice for kitchen or high traffic areas. It’s also very susceptible to acid etching and erosion as well as water damage, so it’s not advisable as a bathroom vanity top as well. Finally, special cleaners and sealants must be regularly used to maintain it, as regular household cleaners can damage the surface.

A table made of Onyx Stone

Applications of Onyx

• Onyx is used as a decorating element in interiors as well as the outside of the structure.

• The use of this sort of stone gives an indispensable impact on space in a manner that draws attention. Onyx has been profoundly respected by architects and interior designers because of its exceptional qualities (like high strength, shading assortment, plan assortment, and iridescence). Onyx is additionally one of the most costly stones, however, it's excellence, extraordinariness, and restrictiveness is noteworthy

• Onyx is used for backlighting in the living room, Tv unit, or the bar.

• It can be an ideal option for the accent wall behind the bed.

• It creates a luxurious spa-like atmosphere within the bathroom with a backlit onyx panel in the bathroom or creatively integrates it with the bathroom vanity or the mirror wall.

• It can be used for highlighting the treads of the staircase with backlit onyx.

• It can be used in the puja room on the wall behind the deities.

Centre Piece

Types of Onyx

Onyx has a high variety both as far as shading and wellspring of extraction. There are many mines in our country from which onyx is removed. Arrangement and naming might be founded on its tone or area.

Differentiation in Onyx by Colour

• Onyx is partitioned into white, green, pink, blue, and so on as indicated by the squashed shade of the onyx.

• The white tone shows the virtue of the onyx. This implies that this stone is made of limestone that has no contaminations.

• Assuming the iron oxide is available in the limestone, the onyx will be yellow, orange, pink, or red.

• Limestone with a stone snake or serpentine will deliver a green onyx.

• Dark onyx shows the presence of mud minerals in the early limestone.

• Dark onyx is likewise because of the presence of bountiful bituminous in limestone.

Benefits of Onyx

• One of the exceptional properties that a stone should be utilized in the outside of a structure is its protection from environmental change.

• Onyx is considered as a cool stone because of the absence of hotness retention and whenever utilized as a ground surface, it will cool the space.

• Onyx has a high cleaning capacity and is effortlessly cleaned.

• Onyx is unfavorably susceptible and no unnatural materials have been utilized in its development. It likewise doesn't contain any residue.

• Onyx is exceptionally simple to keep up with and must be cleaned with a copper wet towel.

• Brightness is an unmistakable element of onyx. The infiltration of light in the stone and its appearance by the fundamental layers makes this sort of rock sparkle.

Disadvantages of Onyx

• Regardless of its many benefits, onyx additionally has a predetermined number of negative elements that you really want to think about while picking this stone.

• In addition to other things, onyx is permeable and delicate and responds effectively to acidic materials and erodes.

• The excessive cost of onyx is one of the negative marks of this stone.

• This kind of stone has a more exorbitant cost than different stones utilized in development and inside enrichment.

Table made of Onyx


Onyx is one of the metamorphic calcareous stones that is considered as a sort of building and aesthetically precious stone today. Also natural elements are used in the construction industry.

Because of its benefits, onyx is used in the interior as a floor, wall covering, kitchen counter, and numerous different things. Additionally, because of its resistance to weather conditions, it is easy to maintain and clean.

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