Jun 24, 2021


A speaker and a judge at numerous international architectural events including the Leading European Architects Forum, The World Architecture Festival & The Perspective PLAN events held in London, Amsterdam, Bologna, Milan, Venice, Barcelona, Singapore, Berlin & Belgrade; Sanjay Puri has been among the top emerging architects of India.

Staring off the World’s Best Residential Building of 2017 at the LEAF Awards, London and the World’s Best Future Infrastructure Project of 2017 at the World Architecture Festival, Berlin, Sanjay Puri Architects have now won over 114 International Architecture Awards.

They continue their quest for creating innovative design solutions that are sustainable on a large scale including a diverse portfolio of townships, schools, hotels, retail and office buildings.

Sanjay Puri, The emerging icon


His vanguard architectural style is really exceptional and a genuine articulation of his imagination. The embodiment of Sanjay's plan hypothesis is making imaginative plan spaces that are context oriented and yet reasonable. The fundamental point is summoning a thrilling encounter by injecting usefulness adequately.

Come! Let’s take a look at few of his amazing projects.


It is one of the on-going projects by Sanjay Puri Architects located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

As stated on his website, “The design of this school is a direct culmination of the site orientation with respect to the sun. It imbibes traditional Indian Architectural principles with an innovative design language. A large central courtyard aids passive cooling and promotes interaction, whereas a porous skin protects the building from the southern sun.”

Rustomjee School, Thane Mumbai

Study halls organized along the outskirts of a little 4760 sqm wedge molded site make an enormous shield inward suggestive of customary Indian architecture. The patio turns into a point of convergence for varied exercises of the school.

The classroom floors progressively move away from the northern side making porches that are usable for the majority of the year, shielded from the southern sun. A variety of trapezoidal openings front the northern side permitting the greatest light from the north while windows on the wide range of various three sides are planned with defensive sun breakers.

Courtyard reminiscent of traditional Indian architecture.

The four levels of the school encompassing the patio guarantee its insurance from the sun in a city with temperatures going from 26 to 36 degrees Celsius through the majority of the year making a cool space usable the entire year.

All windows on the west and east are arranged towards the north by calculating them while the southern side windows are calculated towards the east, decreasing the warmth acquire into the structure.

The plan of this school with both essential and optional instruction shows conventional Indian design standards. It has a huge focal yard, working with cross ventilation and characteristic lighting and is shielded from the southern sun. It subsequently makes an energy proficient structure which is context-oriented inside prohibitive practical limitations.

Energy efficient contextual building.

Imagine studying in an amazing school like this? If only we could get back to childhood and relive school years here!


The little chapel in the town of Murcia in Spain, an undertaking of Sanjay Puri Architects in India, is without a doubt a noteworthy example of contemporary architecture and the manner in which new designers handle religious spaces.

Chapel At Mucria, Spain

The sanctuary is roosted on a slope at an altitude of 90 m, by outlining the ocean view to the sea. The guests go to the church by a round street, which prompts the slope. The passageway is a little entryway, which is set between two artificial slopes, which nonetheless, appear to be a natural coherence of the normal scene. While somebody moves to the passage, the volume steadily increments as the space is referenced by a cantilevered rooftop from substantial that folds up from one side.

The focal thought of the Chapel isn't just to make a space of strict confidence yet additionally the structure to be coordinated in the scene and to be available to the sea. That is clear with the plan of a rectilinear water pool, on the edge of the slope, which is a vital component of the structure. The cross, which is on the edge of the pool, shows simultaneously, in the foundation, the view in the scene. The amazing component of the union is the cascade that is made, as water moves to a lower level. The haze from the cascade gives the feeling of gliding past that certain point. Integral to that, is the negligible interference of primary components, offering the need for the scene to appear.

Oriented towards the north with a natural green cover on the south
Framing the view beyond.

The sanctuary has principally an inclining level where the seats for the admirers are found, while down from that is the utility spaces (office, WC). As the congregation is arranged towards the north and with a characteristic green cover on the south, an all-time cool spot is made which is shielded by the sun and the high temperatures of the town (16-38ο C). The plan upholds the more successful ventilation and diminishes the need for a mechanical framework. Subsequently, that makes the church an environmentally powerful structure.

Religious spaces are meant to be astounding. Isn’t it? How do you connect with this chapel?


Wrapped in dynamically folded planes of perforated screens, this 6-level place of business makes a sculptural presence. Situated in the city of Jaipur in India which has a desert environment with normal temperatures going from 30oC to 50oC through majority of the year, the structure is planned considering the extreme warmth assimilating customary components.

Perforated screen façade. 

Furthermore, a glass supported substantial screen takes its motivation from the old customary 'JALI' screens of the design legacy of the locale sheaths the structure on all sides lessening the warmth gain and delivering the structure very energy proficient. Planned as a corporate office building, the ground level houses gathering and meeting rooms over a car parking cellar with office regions at the above 5 levels.

The Corporate HQ, Jaipur

The substantial screens around the structure are upheld by a steel system with projections that change from 0.9 to 1.5m. This makes an outer fringe space for plants at each level that will go about as additional protection from the heat making cooler office spaces inside. The place of business consequently defeats the limitations of its little plot making office spaces that are very energy proficient to battle the unnecessary summers of its area while soaking up.

The whole primary framework including the segments inside are built to communicate and presented in a way that it appears to be a piece of the actual space. Additionally, they likewise seem to portray the science and procedure of the structure's development. The structure ascends like a weak cuboid among the unassuming thick metropolitan texture of the city, drawing in even the most easy-going spectators.

Manifestation of sculptural design.

Certainly, another striking structure by Sanjay Puri Architects.


Commenting on the changing architectural design trends to an interview, he says, "There is no field as stimulating and diverse as architecture. The ways spaces are being perceived and used are constantly evolving and architectural design is incorporating these changes of perception based on demand as well as exploring new possibilities of space dynamics. Each location is different even within the same city and design needs to be contextual to the site's specific location, its surroundings and its relation to the sun and wind direction." He strongly not just suggests things that always create meaningful, contextual, responsive architecture but also follows the trends in his projects.

Indeed, he is all worth the hype and is one of the boons in emerging architects in India.


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